tempelhof sounds 2022 berlin music festival

What an incredible debut for 1968 Vintage & Bohemian Botanicals first ever festival! Tempelhof Sounds was so much more than we imagined and we're so grateful to have been given that chance to be there.

Bands such as The Libertines, Florence & the Machine, The Strokes, Muse and Alt-J just to name a few were on top form blasting out their hits from the decades. Nostalgia mixed with modernity was the focal point with artists such as Florence Welch pausing half way through her song to kindly ask the audience to put their mobile/recording devices away and be present with her and each other. Such a beautiful moment of love and unity, and the crowd absolutely loved it.

Our little stand was also having a moment - or many moments to be precise. As soon as the gates opened on Day 1, the crowds came flooding in and it was literally non stop all day. We had such an overwhelmingly positive response from the festival goers, we couldn't have imagined a better start to the weekend! This set the tone for the following two days and we even saw some of our beloved customers retuning for a second and third browse over the 3 days.

The festival hosts were kind enough to invite us back for next years Tempelhof Sounds 2023 which of course we immediately accepted, as well as a possible second festival in Germany. 

All in all it was a wonderful, successful, fun and happy festival and we can't wait to join you again next year!

If you are interested in hosting us at your next festival/event, 1968 Vintage & Bohemian Botanicals are officially open for business and would love to hear from you! Please email me hello@bohemian-botanicals.com to discuss further.

Until next time festival lovers, keep on smiling and keep on rocking!