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Embodybee Ladies of the Homeland Honey


Raw honey from the land I live on. On a lush forested community in Thora, NSW Australia.

Eve's Aipary now sits on the edge of the forest on top of the highest point of the community we live and work on. The bees get to awaken each morning to two beautiful waterfalls dripping down the edge of the Dorrigo escarpment National Park. With this pristine environment that the bees are foraging in, we feel confident that not only the nutrition for the bees will be of hive vibration, but their honey will be of the highest purity. 

The land holds a certified organic status with only natural land care methods taking place. We have well established orchards and an abundance of medicinal herbs. Our honey will be a blend of Eucalyptus, Tallowood, Bloodwood, various native flowers, citrus blossoms and wild herbs. 

With the arrival of literally thousands of women here on the land we will be receiving the blessing of their presence and support to transcend and grow as a collective, living in community. 

All of my hives and bees are well loved using natural bee-centric principles. 

What does that mean? 
Bee-centered means that I everything I do puts the needs of the bees first before my human greed. The bee hives I own are little temples of worship, they are all lovingly collected and thoughtfully placed. I name my hives, talk to them like my friends and adorn them with paint and beautiful designs.

Unlike most conventional beekeepers I 
- NEVER feed bees sugar 
- DON'T use queen excluders 
- DON’T use any plastic frames or equipment within a bee hive 
- NEVER kill queens (this is a common yearly practice to increase honey production)
- ALL my hives are rescues (come from wild swarms and cut outs) Never splits (forced early c-section to artificially make a new colony)
- Allow the bees to build natural comb with no foundation or wire within my frames (this can effect the way the bees communicate)
- Honey is crushed not spun (more hive medicine products within including, bee bread and propolis)  
- Honey is ONLY ever harvested if there is actually an abundance and I know that the bees have MORE than enough for themselves to get through the winter (I harvest during honey flows and when I pack down for winter)  

100% plastic free with an Australian made glass jar, aluminium lid, sticker is biodegradable and printed with plant based inks and glues.

Emily x

Please note, Bohemian Botanicals is not a medical/skincare professional. If you are unsure, please seek professional advice from your local GP before purchasing

** Import Tax Free Shipping within the EU :)

100% Raw Honey

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