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Holistic Silk Luxury Crystal Chi Facial Roller ~ Amethyst


Use this pure Gemstone classic facial massage tool to stimulate circulation and acupressure points, leaving skin and facial muscles toned and puff free.  Chi Rollers also relieve tension and promote relaxation. 

Simply incorporate into your daily beauty routine or use at your desk or at the end of the day to help soothe your mind.

The two gemstone rollers easily glide over the face stimulating circulation and acupressure points.  The larger roller is perfect for jawline, neck, forehead and cheeks, whilst the smaller roller suits the contours of the eye socket, upper lip and nose area, 

The motion of the gemstone rollers can reduce puffiness caused by congested lymphatic channels to reveal plump, brighter skin.  

Can be used with moisturiser, facial oils, for flawless foundation application or just on clean skin!

Amethyst stimulates the mind and soothes emotions.

Each Chi Facial Massage Roller comes complete with a beautiful Organza storage bag.

Dimensions:  Approx. 16 x 6cm 

Clean after use with warm water and allow to dry fully before storing.

Gemstones are said to have the properties to absorb energy and convert it into electric energy, each different type emitting a unique frequency.  This effect is what makes quartz watches work for example.

Whilst we are unable to make claims about gemstone crystals and their powers, there is a school of thought and a wealth of evidence showing the benefits and their worth.

Being made of natural gemstones, please note there may be slight colour variations and your Chi Roller may not always look exactly as illustrated here.


* Please note, Bohemian Botanicals is not a medical/skincare professional. If you are unsure, please seek professional advice from your local GP before purchasing

** Import Tax Free Shipping within the EU :)

Crystal facial roller made from metal and gemstones

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