Bohemian Botanicals

Manifestation Candle ~ Rose & Peony


Cast your love spell and find an unrivalled dose of love and affection. Send out strong psychic intentions to find new love, rekindle a relationship, practise self-love, or heal from pain and heartbreaks. Make the rose and peony manifestation candle a part of your daily affirmation ritual to attract all things divine. What makes our candle a cut above the rest is the fact that it is all hand-poured, embedded with unique healing gemstones, and made with toxin-free natural soy wax. The stone crystals on top will descend to the bottom of the glass as the candle burns. Once the candle is finished, you can remove the crystals for keeping.

Pure cotton wick

Burn Time: 50 hours

Net Weight: 200g


Soy wax, essential oils

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